"The ice fishing season was winding down, but the five-building Ice Castle Fish Houses manufacturing facility was whirring in late February with the sound of circular saws, nail guns, forklifts and vacuum cleaners.

Most of the Ice Castles that come off Minnesota lakes in March will head back down the highway before the next hard-water season. Some will appear this summer in campgrounds, some this fall at hunting camps. Some won’t ever make it onto the ice.

What started with a request for air-conditioned fish houses has transformed the business. Half of the Ice Castles produced today are RV models with a full shower.

“Once we did that, that really revolutionized our business and I think it brought us a new customer base, too. I see the benefit. They can get more bang for their buck,” said Brett Drexler, general manager and son of Ice Castle Fish Houses founder Jeff Drexler."

Roofing materials are installed Tuesday, Feb. 16, at

A sander is used to smooth out joints in the floors

Source: SCTimes.com (February 26, 2016)